Accepted Materials


  • #1 through #7 Plastic
  • Tin
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Styrofoam – such as large pieces used for packaging, clean egg cartons, etc.  (No food containers, packaged meat trays, or coffee cups)
  • Paper:
    • News
    • Bulk Mail
    • Shredded Office Materials (in a bag, tied shut, please)  (Please do not put shredded DVD’s or credit cards in with the shredded paper)
    • Magazines
    • Books
    • Phonebooks
  • Paper Board:
    • Cake Mix Boxes
    • Cereal Boxes
    • Frozen Dinner Boxes
    • Shoe boxes
    • etc.

Preparation of Materials for Collection and Processing:

Plastic – Remove lids and throw away, rinse clean

Tin – Remove lids and throw away, rinse clean, remove labels (Labels can be placed in with the bulk mail.)

Corrugated Cardboard: Clean, emptied, flattened and no larger than two feet by two feet

Paper Items:

Separate By categories

News – (newspaper)  place in a separate grocery sack and tie closed.

Bulk Mail – (including newspaper inserts) place in separate grocery sack and tie closed.

Shredded Paper – Place in a separate plastic bag and tie closed. (Please leave the shredded paper in the bag even when putting into the roll off container.)

Magazines – place in separate grocery sack and tie closed.

Books and Phonebooks – placed in a separate grocery sack and tie closed

Curbside Customers: PLACE RED BIN AT CURBSIDE BY 7:30 AM  (You must have your red bin out at 7:30 AM, or your recycling will NOT be picked up.)


Items NOT accepted in a red recycling bin, or recycling collection from businesses:

  • Glass of any kind (container glass is only accepted in the green community roll off bins and the green recycling bin outside of the Hardin Co. Solid Waste Facility, and MUST be rinsed clean)
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Chicken Boxes
  • Containers with ANY type of oil
  • Wrapping paper
  • Unrinsed items
  • Garbage
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Antifreeze
  • Paint or buckets of plaster
  • Food scraps
  • Dirty Diapers, or wipes
  • Needles or Sharps
  • Disposable razors and replacement heads
  • Candy wrappers
  • anti-bacterial wipes
  • any item, with food residue, lotions, or other liquids left on it or in it
  • Kleenex, or any other type of tissues
  • Paper towels or paper napkins
  • Paper boxes that have had muffins, donuts, or cupcakes are not recyclable due to the food residue that is still in it.  (please put in your garbage)


Unrinsed containers, garbage, and hazardous chemicals are dangerous to the people that collect recyclables and work in the Recycling Center!!

Unacceptable materials sent to the Recycling Center must be landfilled, which increases program costs!!


NOTE: Please do not place your unacceptable items in the drop off or roll off trailers in your community.

Roll off containers in in the Cities of Iowa Falls and Eldora are there all the time.  Please see the Calendar on this website to see when the Recycling Drop off containers are delivered and picked up in all other Communities.


For items not listed on this page, but can be recycled, please see our Rates section for pricing.

If you were looking for material that is either acceptable or unacceptable to the Landfill, please look at the Rural Iowa Waste Management Association’s website (@   PLEASE REMEMBER – ALL LOADS TO THE LANDFILL MUST BE TARPED, FULLY SECURED, OR IN AN ENCLOSED TRAILER!!!  Loads not covered, will not be weighed, and will be refused!