Household Hazardous Waste

Thank you for stopping by our Household Hazardous Waste section. Our goal is to make it easier for the residents of Hardin County in Iowa to drop off their unneeded household hazardous waste.

How does this work?  How can you drop off your household hazardous waste?  Please note the following guidelines below, and Thank you for helping preserve our planet!

Household Hazardous Waste Guidelines

Hardin County Solid Waste has been accepting household hazardous waste from Hardin County residents since 2002.  In order to drop off your hazardous waste, please call 641-939-5808, to make an appointment.  The Hardin County Solid Waste Hazardous Waste Satellite Site is a program provided through a partnership with Metro Waste Authority.

Household Hazardous Waste Satellite Facility Hours:

(Located at the Hardin County Solid Waste & Recycling Facility)

Monday – Friday  8:00 AM – 3:00 PM  (April 1 – October 31)

We accept the following types of hazardous waste:

  • Stain and varnish;   Oil and lead based paint;   Aerosols;   Acids/bases;   Ammonia based cleaners;   Antifreeze;   Petroleum based adhesives;
  • Gasoline and kerosene;   Metal polishes;   Rust removers;   Fertilizers and pesticides;   Weed killers;   Fluorescent lights & CFL’s;   Cellular phones;
  • Floor care products;   Glues and adhesives;   Used oil filters;   Oven cleaner;   Paint thinner and remover;   Poisons;   Pool chemicals;   Rechargeable batteries;
  • Roofing tar;   Sharps;   Shellacs;   Windshield washer fluid;   Acetone;   Solvent based cleaners;   Auto wax/polish;   Auto starter fluid;   Automotive fluid;
  • Benzoyl peroxide;   Bleach;   Brake fluid;   Bug killer;   Insect/pest spray;    Carburetor cleaner;   Caulk (labeled flammable);   Concrete cleaners and etches;
  • Contact cement;   Driveway sealer;   Epoxy;   Fingernail polish remover;   ink;   toner;   Flammable liquids;   Garden fungicides and herbicides;   Furniture polish;
  • Hydraulic fluid;   Lighter fluid;   Mercury;   Shoe polish;   Mothballs;   Oven cleaner;   Developer;   Motor oil;   Oil;   Polyurethane;   Solvents;   Spot Remover;
  • Turpentine;   Wallpaper remover
Please keep products in original containers when possible and do not combine materials.  Place items in a cardboard box or container for easy transportation.  Do not use garbage bags or plastic bags.  Please make sure all caps and lids are screwed on tight to avoid spills.  Empty aerosol cans can be landfilled.

We do not accept the following types of hazardous waste:

  • Ammunition/explosives
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Latex paint (this can be landfilled, if dried)
  • Asbestos (can be landfilled with an appointment. Call Dan Aastrup at 641-858-5904)
  • Radioactive materials
  • Non-hazardous waste
  • empty containers
  • propane tanks
  • incandescent light bulbs
  • halogen incandescent bulbs